Moby and Rebekah Del Rio performed in tonight’s ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’

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Moby and Rebekah Del Rio on 'Twin Peaks'
Moby and Rebekah Del Rio on ‘Twin Peaks’

This week’s Twin Peaks: The Return musical guest was Rebekah Del Rio who performed “No Stars.” If the song, an early ’50s style ballad, seemed especially Lynchian, it might be because David Lynch cowrote it. Del Rio, who was wearing a dress with zig-zag patterns right out of the show’s Red Room, had Moby in her band on guitar as well. You may have also seen Rebekah perform at Lynch’s Festival of Disruption last year.

This was not the only musical performance of the episode, though. Harry Dean Stanton, who plays Carl Rodd on the show, performed a version of classic western song “Red River Valley,” which was a nice moment in an especially violent episode. Stanton and Lynch co-star in the upcoming film, Lucky.

Meanwhile, over on HBO, Ed Sheeran appeared in the season premiere of Game of Thrones, getting to do a little singing, plus a speaking role. Spoiler alert: he survived the episode unscathed, perhaps to the disappointment of many.

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