listen to Grooms’ “Magistrate Seeks Romance,” see their release show in NYC

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photo: Ebru Yildiz
photo: Ebru Yildiz

Grooms‘ new album Exit Index is out October 20 via Western Vinyl and is a further voyage into the sonic territory explored on 2015’s Comb the Feelings Through Your Hair. “This was the first time we had the same lineup for two records in a row,” says singer/guitarist Travis Johnson, “and you can hear how locked in we are.” The sense of unease, lyrically and musically, is magnified this time out, making it very much a record our era.

After releasing the icy, atmospheric “Turn Your Body,” here is second single “Magistrate Seeks Romance,” one of the the album’s more propulsive tracks. It premieres in this post. The song is a real showcase for all three members: drummer Steve Levine’s patterns are complex and explosive, but work in tandem with Travis and Jay Heiselmann’s playing. “The song is about how daily life right now readily facilitates feeling like a good person,” says Travis, “while behaving like a bad one.” Listen below.

Grooms will celebrate the release of Exit Index at Brooklyn Bazaar on October 25 with Patio and Russian Baths. Tickets are on sale.

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